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Picture of the Week
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Friday, July 27, 2007

What do designers dream?

Mike: so I had a dream about me and a bunch of people trying to save a font from getting into evil alien hands. it was pretty cool, there were graphic designers from all over the world compiling the font family into large capsules and we were deciding if we should stay and fight or copy them to our hard drivers, destroy the originals and disperse through the galaxy
Jessica E: a font? only your mind would combine aliens and design
Jessica E: that's weird
Mike: it was awesome
Jessica E: I'm glad that you think so
Mike: the fonts were on casette tapes
Jessica E: cassette tapes?
Mike: but I was the only one who realized our impending doom, the others just wanted to sit around and fight with lousy pistols. One of them even started shooting the casette tapes.
Jessica E: so you were trying to keep the aliens from stealing cassette tapes?
Mike: yes
Jessica E: *wow
Mike: yah, pretty cool huh?
Jessica E: in some weird kind of way, yeah, I guess so
Mike: well what do you dream about, puppies n shit?
Jessica E: of course not :-P
Jessica E: the last dream I remember combined being in new york city, sex and the city and a musical, if you really want to know

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Virginia Faith said...

You are such a nerd!