Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
Anamorphic snowman

Saturday, July 28, 2007


The "i" key on this keyboard is broken so bare with me.

This weeks, much to the chagrin of Patty, I worked a lot of overtime. Monday I worked 3 hours extra to cover the metro section due to an accidental scheduling miscommunication.

Then I worked an extra hour on that Travel cover because I didn't want anyone else to touch it. But I should've trusted them and I didn't respect the company's money.

Today I was supposed to get off early until Barry Bonds decided to be a douche and make everyone think he was going to tie Hank Aaron's homerun record. So I spent extra hour rearranging A1 (normal) and creating a new sky box with Barry Bonds all big and on top of the flag. But it didn't happen. It probably happen tomorrow and I curse him for the missed opportunity.

During all of this I've redone a bunch of A&E flags. Below are a whole new set. The one in the flag position is my favorite because it follows the consistency of the other flags while maintaining the ability to change colors. The calendar will almost certainly move down if not to another page but I left it for now. Your thoughts?


Colin said...

I'm a fan of the top one as well. Though I do like how you've been experimenting with "Arts & Entertainment" in white within the A&E. It seems a bit too long to fit well.

jessica said...

I like the one in the flag position as well. You're right, it fits with the others rather well.
I think it also works very nicely with the gradient box below it too. As for the calendar, it can't be right there beside it if you use the long one. Doesn't look right to me, and I'm sure you agree.