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Picture of the Week
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Likes, dislikes?

This is a unique chance for you all to participate. I had some inspiration about redoing the A&E flag (if it is to be called A&E). I've provided the old flag with a bunch of samples of some new ones. I like about two maybe three of them but I'm still unsure if I should stick with this line of thinking or try something new. Which one(s) do you guys like? Or if none, what would you like to see?

Remember to think of the redesign as a whole when looking at these too. You'll notice the implementation of the new folio style. If the calendar stays it'll be a gradient, if not it'll probably go all the way across, I haven't decided yet.

1 comment:

jessica said...

I don't like how the A and E blend together in three of them, nor do I like the idea of making the A smaller than the E. To me, it's like you're emphasizing one over the other because it's bigger.
The top left flag is my favorite out of all of them, though the font you use for "arts and entertainment" reminds me of the font from the Entertainment magazine flag.
I'm not a fan of the plus sign, but if I had to pick one of those, it would be the top right corner, where the A overlaps part of it and it overlaps the E.
I personally prefer the old one to all the new ones.