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Picture of the Week
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Super secret hidden stairway to ghost-infested 10th floor!

What the hell is wrong with this state! Have they never heard of Internet? Ah, just AH! My building is wireless on DSL and I haven't been able to connect until 2 minutes ago, so I'm going to make the best of it by telling you about the crazy awesome stuff I found today.

First and foremost, this is for all of you in Reno:

So they may not have anything high tech but they got the low tech down solid.

Anyway, about 6 blocks away is this totally awesome block of just great food and bars (I'll take a nightime picture tomorrow). There's even a bowling alley that has a dress code. Seriously, no shorts or baggy pants and your shirt must be collared. It also doubles as a bar/lounge type deal. I didn't go in because it looked too expensive and I hate bowling.

There is also an ample supply of delis and coffee houses. I expect to visit each one and try everything on the menus before summers end. But to stay safe, I went to Quizno's for lunch and had left overs for dinner. I've already spent too much money here getting supplies and crap at Walgreens.

But the best part of the day was finding the creepy floor in my building. There are 10 floors but for some reason the elevator won't go to the tenth floor (even though there's a button for it).

So in my infinite wisdom and partly because of boredom from not having Internet, I decided to find a way to get to the 10th floor. I also wanted to get on the roof so I could take pictures and sneak a BBQ up there for later. Anyway, so I try the stairs and they stop at 9. So I sneak around the 9th floor and find a hidden stairway that goes up to the tenth floor.

Now this shit is weird, it's like a scene from "The Shining." The floor has no lights on, it's a completely different style than the rest of the apartment, it's smaller and has a lot of random bathrooms (seriously, one full, one half and one toilet only bathroom just sitting open from the hallway).

Alas, I found windows that lead to the roof, but they're locked. So I explore for more and hear a TV on and a door that's slightly ajar (no locks at all) and when I start to open it I see kitchen supplies on a stove and decide not to go in because there's probably a dead body inside watching Jeopardy. At this point I'm completely creeped out, so I instinctively go for the elevator and when I push the down button all the hall lights turn on!

So I scream like a little girl and haul ass down the super secret hidden stairs and have been hiding in my room ever since.

I should've taken pictures of me screaming. Oh well.

This last pic is for Josh. See! I'm not full of crap!


annie said...

I don't think you should try to go up to your roof again. What if Jack Nicholson comes out screaming "Redrum" or something like that ...

Heather Rogers said...

I know this is almost ten years later buuuuut I think that your building is the same as mine. Is it the wessinger gaulbert building?! I have an extremely similar situation. Tenth floor and everything!!

IgnotaSpiritus ParanormalResearch said...

I would really like to speak with both of you about this building. My Paranormal Team was contacted today about some of the same experience today in The Wessinger Gaulbert Building. Please find us on Facebook and send me a message so I can speak with you. The name of our group in Ignota Spiritus Paranormal Research and we are a Louisville Based Paranormal Group.

Shannon Humphries