Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

So...far...away... *thud*

Why must the foodstuffs be so hard to reach from my seat. I tried using a whip to snatch some yogurt from the counter but I only succeeded in pissing off the person behind me when the whip came back and slapped him in the face.

If I didn't have a 25 pound computer bag I might actually get fed today because carrying this thing around everwhere is a huge pain. Maybe I can pay someone to go get me Taco Bell before I board the last airplane.

On a side note, Central Time is completely pissing me off. I don't belong here (in Dallas Fort Worth). I belong on Pacific Time with you jerks or on Eastern Time with my crazy family. This in between crap

In any case, my flight for Louisville starts boarding soon, so I better pack up, get some Mexican pizzas and get in line.
And actually, I think I'm going to use the wheelchairs so I can get in the front of the line and get off first. Wish me luck.

PS. This creepy guy won't stop staring at me, any suggestions on how to make him stop?

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