Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nick Coltrain I need you!

This is my first Indiana (edition 2 replacement for the Metro section) cover! Woot!

Newspaper speak to follow:
The hardest part is that the editors only budget for B1 (at left) and B3 specifically. After that I work with the Metro designer and my budget list to decide where stuff goes on my own. Yes there's a hierarchy but I have to turn on my old sense of news judgement to decide how stuff should play on the page.

Also, there's no board, so I make a miniature board on the back of a dummy sheet to help me keep track of stuff. And, as is normally true, the budgeted inches are not always right. I budgeted a story for 5 inches and it came in 15! Same with some story that almost missed deadline and held up two of my pages until 11:30pm.

I need Nicholas to be my news editor! But what's funny is that the guy who is news editor is a lot like Nick - bitter, smart and conservative until you show him how much cooler something is when it's not conservative (i.e. typography on the above page).

End newspaper speak:
So anyway, I get to do covers, yay! And more importantly I get to do fun typography, yay! And what's cool about this particular page is that I've never gotten to do the line style of headline and I finally did so I'm happy.

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annie said...

Totally understand what you meant about it being content dense now. It's fantastic.

And it looks pretty too :)

jessica said...

Full of text, but still pretty. I like it.