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Picture of the Week
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Boxer briefs vs. briefs and boxers: The importance of function over comfort

Today I seriously left my apartment 4 times to: get laundry soap, put a load in the wash, put a load in the dryer and take my clothes back to my room. These are the kind of conversations these days are made of.

Update: I found more of the conversation in the log and it adds some context

Nick N: i went out and got some new workout clothes, so i get to test them tomorrow
Nick N: that will be fun
CmdrTrekk: haha, what do those consist of?
Nick N: i also got a steal on some nice ties
Nick N: gym shorts, shirt, and athletic underwear
Nick N: ;-)
Mike: "athletic underwear" you're not wearing g-strings are you?
Nick N: no, boxer briefs
Nick N: boxers are just not comfortable enough
Nick N: and i will never wear briefs outside of the gym
Nick N: so i thought a mixture of both will produce a positive outcome
Mike: yah, I've been doing boxer briefs since high school, they are miraculous
Nick N: crazy how they grip the legs
Nick N: threw me off for a bit
Nick N: im so used to boxers, but the times they are a changing
Mike: yah, I like it because then I know I'm still wearing something but there's enough room for your balls to have something to do all day other than hug your body
Nick N: yeah, and get incinerated
Nick N: because hot days are the worst
Mike: exactly
Mike: humidity is worse though
Mike: out here I spend a lot of time stopping and jiggling
Nick N: yeah, i remember doing that
Nick N: truth be told, sometimes tighty whitties are good for those days
Mike: really?
Mike: yah that makes sense because they're just stuck to the top and nowhere to go
Mike: I don't have any though
Nick N: when the boxers are riding up your ass, you think twice about their functionality in the humidity
Nick N: but maybe the boxer briefs offer the best of both worlds?
Nick N: comfort vs functionality?
Mike: that's what I generally think
Mike: because of the tight legs, in theory you could pull them from the middle and have make shift briefs
Nick N: yeah, i guess that's true
Mike: I've never tried it, what do you think?
Mike: you're the science guy ;)
Nick N: seal the ends with fire so they dont unwind...
Nick N: i guess its just a matter of where the tight part is on the legs
Mike: that only works on nylon, what the hell are you wearing?
Nick N: if its too high up, you can get a kilt, basically
Nick N: cotton
Mike: Kilt? out of underwear? what?
Nick N: if you cut the part that stays close to your legs
Nick N: and its too close to the crotch, then you would have a kilt and not 'loose fitting briefs'
Nick N: get what im saying?
Mike: sounds like daisy dukes
Nick N: yeahm kinda
Mike: a kilt is just an open skirt
Nick N: basically
Mike: ah, so like a Kilt but your balls show?
Nick N: but that way, you'd have ball coverage and you get a little air circulation
Nick N: eh, no
Mike: you must have a different model than me
Nick N: yeah, i think so
Mike: mine are circa 2001, did you get the ones with the AC unit?
Nick N: nah, super charged
Nick N: turbo, NoS inserts
Nick N: 8 cylinder
Mike: oh man those ones are great
Nick N: you bet your balls they are


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you people, defiling your underpants into a crotchless-kilt-nut-dangler-thing. You know, a squirrel will take 'em if you do that.

Anonymous said...