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Picture of the Week
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dense? I'll show you dense?

Update: James is the bartender, not
the intern

The beer here is so much better than in Nevada, let me tell you. Instead of trashy, watered down lagers (psh, lagers? more like ales you wussies), they have really good wheat beer and even better Red something or something Red, I don't remember because I had a lot of the wheat one and the label of the red one wasn't facing me.

James is actually a nice guy, I really like him. For an "engaged reader" he sure knows a lot about The Courier-Journal, but I didn't get to ask him if he was journalism guy because at that moment some big Gannett executives were being loud and drunk and two of them fell out of their barstool. That's hilarious, they fell flat on their asses! WOOOT! Anyway, I shouldn't discuss how much money they put on their Gannett credit cards because that's inappropriate and anyway they left to go to another bar.

In any case, you all on the West Coast are totally missing out. James gave me a free beer(s) and said if I bring all of my intern friends to the BBC (British Brewing Company....No, Bluegrass Broadcast Conglomerate....No.....Ummmmm mix those together). And anyway....crap

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