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Picture of the Week
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gigantic printing press!

Update: The printing press is actually 6 stories tall, not three.

That's just the front side of my building. I work on the west side (we're looking North now) on the 4th floor which is where the newsrooms starts. There's actually a gym in the building somewhere too and this picture doesn't cover the whole thing, I had to composite two wide-angle shots just to get this much. There's a restaurant to the right and more building behind it.

The rest of the building is another city block deep. Inside the lobby is really nice and of course there's a spinning (upside down?) planet that acts as a gigantic clock. But I think it was broken today but it was 4pm ALL DAY.

Speaking of 4pm, I don't even start work until 4pm and get off at midnight:30. It's nice but then I don't have much to do in the time leading up to that, so I tend to sleep until 12 or 1 just to keep myself from going crazy.

But the printing press is the most impressive part of this entire building. Right now I don't have any live pictures but they have a model of it in the lobby so I included those.

I don't know much about it right now but basically it's approximately 100 yards long and 3 stories tall. What's funny is that despite its ginormous size, they still have to print half of the Sunday paper on Thursday so the printing press can print the rest of the sections on Sunday morning.

Today I might get to my first page in the Indiana section (yes, we even cover Indiana) while I try to learn the big scary beastly program of death doom and destruction: CCi Layout Champ. I don't know what CCi stands for and neither does anyone else. It's Dutch and probably doesn't mean anything in english.

It'll probably be a little inside page but hopefully I can get it done quickly and they'll let me do more. CCi is a mixture of complicated functions and weird hotkeys created to make things easier...It's complicated.

And finally, my building is safer than yours, because we use hand scanners to unlock all doors leading into the building. Pretty high-tech stuff, eh? I think I have to keep my ring on all the time though because I registered my hand with it on.......crap, I can't find my ring......

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Hey! How do you put photos in your blog. I can't figure it out???