Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
Anamorphic snowman

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm drunk, wooooo!

Update: Switch this subject with
the beer one below.

Today's section had a severe lack of stories (normal) and you're looking at the ONLY art I had for the whole section right there (not including Metro stories I stole and some wild art I stole from Metro).

The best part about this is the crop on the main photo (so you can tell who is important) and the map graphic. It's the best part because I convinced the graphics guy to redo the map to have an F-15 on it so people would know what actually crashed. But I forgot to tell him I had irregular sized columns which is why it's kind of skinny.

In any case, this one is more dense (in reference to Annie's comment) and it's crazy cool.

It's odd to be in daily because I'm used to designing a section/newspaper and then saying "wooo, now that that's over, let's take a week off!" but really I have to in and do it again tomorrow. It's a lot more taxing playing the designer and the mini-editor but it's easier not being the graphics guy or photographer anymore.

Strange trade off, I prefer being the graphics guy and photographer honestly

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jessica said...

"It's a facade."
"What facade?"
"I don't know."

Nice, Mike.