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Picture of the Week
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Blame facebook

I find myself spending more time on Facebook than here, so I apologize for any of you who actually enjoyed visiting. So Jessica, I'm sorry. :)

You can find my facebook account by clicking the little icon to the right.

Meanwhile, I have 7 days of work left and 14 days left in Kentucky. After my last day I'm going to pack, clean, get a "sports massage" and head to Elizabethtown for the rest of the week to hang out with my dad and pretend there's no such thing as newspapers or technology (should be fairly easy).

In those 7 days I get to work at least one more A1 and work two days with the graphics guy to see how to make maps and charts and graphs. But I don't know how many A1 shifts I get because the schedule hasn't been up yet. But hopefully more than one.

Otherwise, I was a photojournalist for two days shadowing some photographers and then Friday I got my own assignment.

Other than that, I guess it's going to be a solemn week.

I'll update wedding pictures n stuff sometime in the next few days.


jessica said...

Man, what am I going to do without Mike's blog to waste my time on now? Hmph.

InAscent said...
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InAscent said...

Yeah I actually read this too. Move to another obscure location and continue taking pretty pictures.