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Picture of the Week
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Redesign

Here's an example of what everything looks like when it's together. There are a lot of entry points on this page which, in theory, is how it should look anyway.

I've been updating this post regularly. There are a bunch of minor tweaks.
Weekly Update and Perspectives are in their infant stages of reform. I need to rethink them in general with the help of the editors.

Right now Sports is the leading section that I think is solid and ready to go. A&E cover will have no changes. The Buzz page will be rebuilt once there's an editor to talk to.

More to come.


jessica said...

So I pulled out a copy of the paper to compare the two.

I'm digging the redesign, my favorite part so far is the pull out quotes.

Are you changing the flag for perspectives too?

The Cripple said...

Loving the redesign. Oh, and by the way, drano bombs... quite flamable. explosive even.

Tim said...

Looks good Mike, send me some stuff when you get a chance I would like to take a closer look.