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Saturday, June 30, 2007

CollegeVisuals.com: the premise

Update: After looking at the template Colin suggested and being in love with it, I decided the old logo sucked. This is the new, web 2.0 version. See the bottom of the page for a low-res JPEG of the template with a brief explanation.

I just bought the http://www.collegevisuals.com/ domain name and secured and certified it for $35 so now I can tell you what it's all about.

The internet is a place for for people to share ideas and see things they normally couldn't without the internet. Blogs have become a type of super-specific niche location for people to find and share the ideas they care most about. Therefore, at The Nevada Sagebrush, we are jumping on that bandwagon but doing it in our own way.

As leaders in the college visual community as SND's best overall designed newspaper for four years in a row, three Designers of the Year (non daily), finalist for ACP's Pacemaker, winners of Best Front Page and winners of numerous regional SPJ awards and second place national SPJ award, The Nevada Sagebrush is in a unique place to be watched and listened to.

In order to continue that standard of excellence and use that influence as a way of leading the college newspaper industry, Colin and I are starting our own public blog.

Not unlike the professional blogs - Newsdesigner.com and SportsDesigner.com - CollegeVisuals.com will post about the latest in newspaper design and lead discussions and encourage comments. Except that we'll be doing it specifically for college students and with more than just newspaper design.

I want to incorporate photography and web design as well as newspaper design. And from time to time, other visual communication. I want it to be a place students can go and not be intimidated by professionals. In fact, the professionals should be intimidated and only want to watch rather than participate.

There will also be a small how-to section for photoshop tricks or to respond to queries from others on things The Sagebrush does or things they see other places and want to find out how to do. This will be more factual stuff and less relative "this is how we think it should be done" things.

And also, there will be professional interviews that are more specific to college students and maybe portfolio building and things like that.

And of course just the regular "look what so and so did, what do you think?"

Colin and I will be working on it in the next few weeks and I should have some test entries and content up for you guys to break for us and explore and see what you think.

For now, wish us luck.

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