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Picture of the Week
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Friday, May 25, 2007

The tenth floor part Deuce

Update: The tenth floor happens to be where maids used to live pre-1950s. Now it's home to a traveling group of gypsies and the worst of all: unpaid interns who act at the theater across the street! That would explain all of the random bathrooms and kitchen - they all like to pee and shower together then commune over foodstuffs. Damn actors.

Yesterday when I was heading home around midnight some wily character was following me and got into the elevator with me. I realized she was kind of cute but way too damned artsy for me so I thought she might be an actor. Low and behold, she pulled her keys out of her pocket, stuck them into the elevator, turned the key and pressed the "10" button. AND IT LIT UP! (You'll remember I tried pushing it repeatedly to no avail)

So, I think she was ghost and the key was an extension of her apparition. I wanted to poke her but I hear ectoplasm is really hard to get off, so I didn't. I know she wasn't one of the gypsies because she was more or less clean and didn't smell like a million cities.

Look out for more on the tenth floor as it develops!

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