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Picture of the Week
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Monday, July 9, 2007

The Redesign: a final comparison

The rest of the redesign will come in the form of everyday pages, covers and the general approach, feel and personality of the newspaper and its sections. The templates below are merely updated to catch up with that new approach and to set a foundation for the sections' personalities. The old man page will show you the biggest differences in the tiniest things and how the new items are used.

A&E is the only section that already had a lot of that personality (though not taken advantage of and kind of ruined a bit inside) so it was not changed unless the new editors want The Buzz page. In which case it will be made similar to the ones below except with an A&E feel.

Your thoughts?


jessica said...

I love the redesign, mostly because of its flexibility.

I can't wait to see it put into action. Yay prettiness!

"Z" said...

bottom, left, left, bottom, left, left, right, left

but that's my amateur, naive opinion.