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Picture of the Week
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TV is real life!

A lot of you are too young to remember this but back in the '70s Jon Belushi had a skit on SNL called "The Olympia Cafe" where him and other famous guys would say "Cheezborger, Cheezborger, fries and a Pesi!" in reference to the only things they have on the menu when patrons would attempt to order something else (that was on the menu).


Well at Mr. Z's Diner down the street, I was eating breakfast and noticed this sign above their kitchen.

The Diner is owned and operating by a family of Bulgarians, btw.

Anyway, I asked Mr. Z's daughter about it and she said one day they were balls-to-the-wall busy (I'm paraphrasing because I don't speak Bulgarian) and everyone was complaining about the service - generally you can get a complicated three plate meal in 10-15 minutes.

So in Mr. Z's infinte anger and frustration, he grabbed the chalk board, wrote the above statement loudly (grinding chalk, etc.) and wacked the board up on the wall, read it aloud and went back into the kitchen to angrily make food.

Needless to say, everyone shut the hell up.

So in short, Mr. Z will forever, unknowingly personify Jon Belushi and The Olympia Cafe.

Next time he's working, I'll get a picture of him for you, the guy is classic awesome. And I'll post the unwritten rules of Mr. Z's Diner then too.

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