Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
Anamorphic snowman

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pic o' the week

First, the game: The best caption or title to go with this photo will win a large sized print (at least 8x10 or close ratio since it's a square unless you want the horizontal below - it is slightly different).

Second, in my continued obsession with high contrasting light and shadow, this week's picture is one of my most amibtious photos.

I've been working more on artistic photography than journalism style photography with camera and photoshop trickery so that they are less realistic and more surreal.

I like taking a photo and using simple lighting tools such as levels and curves to create a look that is almost as if it was painted.

Though each photo still needs the perfect moment and set up in order to work; this week's photo is something I've been waiting for for several weeks and finally found what I wanted today.

For those of you who think it's taking the photo too far to the extreme, I have included the undoctored version of the photos too.


Virginia Faith said...

"An opening to an alternate universe" or "A gap in Time"

jessica said...
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jessica said...

Stupid computer deleting the comment...

"Belie the Sky"

Anonymous said...

Are you there Mike? It's me, God.

BTW Mike, its me Jenn, just catching up. Liking your work, You have learned alot lately!