Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
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Thursday, June 7, 2007

journalists in the news


The Virginia stuff is especially important to those of you who care about journalism.

But also scroll down for some Sagebrush gloating.

PS. Sorry they quoted you as a girl, Colin, next time you should include a picture of your penis.


jessica said...

The VaTech stuff was very interesting to read...I still can't imagine


"The quiet ones are the readers you should cherish because they love your job and they have nothing to complain about because it's being done right. So of the 4 people who bitch, there are 4,000 more who wait patiently wait for you to tell the another story tomorrow."

That above, said by you, is my new quote of the day.

Colin said...

Wow, I just saw this. I'm surprised I was quoted as a girl. That's definitely a first for me. We'll clear that up with the author mugs on the website next semester.