Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
Anamorphic snowman

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dreamy Sun-Day afternoons

It's Ana sandwich. Yah yah yah, euphism, innuendo but only if your'e sick and stupid. It's an adventure in photography, give me a break.

I love pit bulls a lot. They are probably the best kind of dog anyone could ever ask for - except when they kill children.

I once saw a pit bull try to play fetch wit ha rock so big that its owner could not pick it up, let alone through it any distance.

Fellow photographer Kyle Kurlick seems mildly pleased with his photos of the day. They are probably picture of bugs and Anas.
Ma'dam Lagunez enjoys her flowers as she is the original flower child of the '60s. If you have any questions about how to tie flower halos, make flower pie or fashion a gun out of flowers loaded with flower ammo, you can ask her.


Colin said...

Oh my, that last picture is absolutely stunning.

jessica said...

Very pretty. Sounds like Colin's enamored. Haha.

As for the picture of the week, my guess is you tweaked a photo of water spraying out (either from a hose or a fire hydrant) towards a car (thus, I'm leaning towards the hose). And the car is some sort of SUV.