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Picture of the Week
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Family fun day part 2: older chillens

I like this one because of the antithesis - tiny mommy on the left and big baby princess on the right. This is redneck country kids.

Grandma Ruby says she doesn't like her picture being taken but I'm fairly sure that's a lie.

Apparently this is Isaac's (step-brother) drunk face but there were no booze so maybe it's just how his face gets stuck.

My noble father; steadfast and true.

James, the inquisitive intern and loyal roommate.

Step-sister-in law Michelle; mother of Israel (kid in part 1) and wife to Isaac.

Denise, my step-mom. Goofy to the last drop

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jessica said...

Your stepsister in law is the wife to your stepbrother, one, and two, you spelled Grandma wrong.

I like the new...header? Is that what it's called?